Trish Dunne born in 1966 in the UK has been the lead singer of the group Maggs and Trish since 1988. She has also done many solo projects such as a tribute to the Carpenters as well as releasing many successful albums and singles in her 25 years in the music industry.

Trish's first ever live show was when she performed karaoke with Margaret Talbot in 1988. This was the beginning of the Maggs and Trish Group but it wasn't until 1993 when they both decided to form a group. They began their first ever tour in the fall of 1993 and recruited Margarets best friend Linda Brown. In October 1993 the VHS Close To You was released featuring all the tracks performed while on tour. Then in November 1993 their first single Rose Garden was released after much tension between the group none of Lindas tracks were released and Trish's version of Close To You was the B-side of the single. In December 1994 Linda Brown announced she was leaving the group.

In October 1998 the group released their second VHS Live at The Shaftsbury. The duo remained inactive until 2001 when they announced they were splitting up and retired the group.

The group has broken up and got back together serveral times in which Trish has used this time to launch a solo career for herself. In 2004 she started to do tribute work for the brother and sister group The Carpenters which they were a large influence on Maggs and Trish's music.

In summer 2012 Maggs and Trish annoounced they were breaking up again so in this time Trish wrote the song Single Girls and re-recorded the hit Skeleton Boots originally by Maggs and Trish. But in the fall of 2012 the group re-formed and recruited new member Rachel Dunne as they announced dates for their 25th anniversary tour in 2013.

Trish also announced she was working on a solo album in March 2013 with a deadline finish of Christmas 2013 and release in Januray 2014. This would be Trish's first album as a solo artist.

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